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Who I Am

Hi there! I’m an adult language educator with passion for Second Language Acquisition in adult learners, civic engagement, and digital humanities. I also have experienced in education technology field for STEM and Language subject for K12 students and currectly interested to explore more on accessibility through UX/UI Design. I received my master degree in Educational Linguistics from University of Pennylvania Graduate School of Education, with a focus on second language development, universal design for learning, and technology.

My Expertise

In 2023, I wrote my master final capstone on how Culturally Sustaining Pedadogy as a anchor develops Students’ Learning Artifacts on ESL adult refugees learners with Digital Humanities approach. It’s titled Promoting Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy for Women Refugees in Adult ESL Classroom. My capstone was inspired by my previous Action Research Project on Multimodalities and Accesibilities. It’s titled Towards Non-Ableist English language Teaching: Inclusive Multimodalities in the Intermediate Adult ESL Refugees Learners Virtual Classroom.

As an adult language educator, I remain actively engaged in exploring these research area and staying abreast of the latest literature concerning Multimodalities, yet the demands of my everyday work require me to adhere practically within a more robust academic framework.

Coming from a background in Educational Technology industry field and also involved in various Digital Humanities (DH) projects, I remain passionate to stay updated on data, tech, and DH in education specifically related to Universal Design for Learning and UI/UX Design.

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